25 response to "Cristiano Ronaldo in funny Japanese Tv show 2014"

  1. By: istrikercf9HD Posted: October 9, 2014

    NEW videos about Ronaldo in Japan here guys:

    Cristiano Ronaldo Drinks weird green stuff in Japan funny reaction, and
    meeting people 2014 HD

    Cristiano Ronaldo playing football with kids in Japan 2014

    RESPECT – Cristiano Ronaldo meets disabled fan in Japan 2014 EMOTIONAL

  2. By: istrikercf9HD Posted: October 9, 2014

    Almost a 1mil view guys thanks!

  3. By: istrikercf9HD Posted: October 9, 2014

    Guys make sure to watch this video as well where Ronaldo imitates Michael

    Cristiano Ronaldo Imitates Michael Jackson at Japan 2014 FUNNY

  4. By: Jorge Macias Posted: October 9, 2014

    I remember a few years ago when Barcelona beat Santos at Tokio, Leo Messi
    got interviewed by the Japanese media. It was even more awkward for Messi
    because they asked him: ”How will your sex life be after you retired?”.
    He just said he didn’t know and awkwardly left.

  5. By: iclark2400 Posted: October 9, 2014

    CR7 looks like he doesn’t wanna be there, he looks bored out of his mind
    and annoyed at times lol. still the best player in the world, true
    professional on & off the pitch hard to find a harder-working player than
    him! talent + hard work + dedication = Cristiano Ronaldo 

  6. By: Sandy Belle Posted: October 9, 2014

    what’s the point of having English Captions, if it doesn’t even translate
    into proper English Dialogue?? -_-

  7. By: Zenzi Sage Posted: October 9, 2014

    He’s at least friendly and tries to look interested unlike Messi, who
    really looked uninterested when they gave him that big ass key at the end
    of the World Club Cup final.

  8. By: Tim Duncan Posted: October 9, 2014

    I have a quick question, do Japanese shows have HD equipment? Every time I
    see a Japanese show on YouTube it’s on 480p

  9. By: goldensilverstar Posted: October 9, 2014

    Overrated player.

    He is absolute shit

  10. By: Gustavo Rodríguez Posted: October 9, 2014

    Why is he so… sad, or uncomfortable… I mean, japanese TV is a joke, and
    you have to be in a funny mood to face it if you´re invited to… but maybe
    he wasn´t very funny that day.. PRECISELY THAT DAY! jaja..

  11. By: redcomet2010 Posted: October 9, 2014

    man i wish I was as physically fit as ronaldo…I would probably get sooo
    many women

  12. By: Coptah Posted: October 9, 2014

    photoshop haha…he’s all personality, its what i love about him.

  13. By: Gil Maru Posted: October 9, 2014

    2:51 hahahahahahaha and Chrstiano’s look xD

  14. By: Zuuczek Posted: October 9, 2014

    WTF is goin on here

  15. By: Sairam Sriram Posted: October 9, 2014

    how could such a brilliant people be this loony?

  16. By: bcd398 Posted: October 9, 2014

    Many awkward, so bad, wow

  17. By: Snow Pm Posted: October 9, 2014

    They’re Japanese! What did you expect???

  18. By: BulezimVata Posted: October 9, 2014

    Well ronaldo,you have obviously stronger legs than messi,why is he better ?
    well becuase in football its not all about how strong your legs are,or how
    big you are,but its all about passion and playing just becuase you feel
    good playing .!
    Not like you just to win ballon d’or and for personal glory .

  19. By: yrret876 Posted: October 9, 2014

    CR7 is too good to be around those japs. 

  20. By: Sol De Apollo Posted: October 9, 2014

    Must be annoying for Ronaldo. Not becauseof the japanese people but because
    the translater is translating Japanese to English…even though he speaks
    Portuguese. I’m guessing they couldn’t find someone who spoke Portuguese. 

  21. By: nightmarealeksinac Miletic Posted: October 9, 2014

    FCKING BASTARD ! You cried for that reward you were saying that you
    deserved it you got that fkcing reward when everybody knew Ribery will get
    it and you said you won’t come on the ceremony because golden ball award
    has been giving to the players who dont deserve it. They even extended the
    voting time just for you. They practically gave you that fcking award so
    you will stop crying in the media. And those tears of “joy” lol you re a
    great actor not footbaler, ur faking on the pitch and I see off it as well.
    Christiano R. won the award in the season in which his team has won
    absolutely nothing and Bayern won his tripple crown including CL!
    Fcking hypocrite and faggot you make me sick on sight! Football will be
    better game without you fcking egoistic scum too bad someone didnt break
    your legs yet ! 

  22. By: Mike oone Posted: October 9, 2014

    Make fun of it if you want but after a few weeks your ladies (or guys I
    don’t judge) will do things with their mouths you never thought possible. 

  23. By: emile heskey Posted: October 9, 2014

    Why does he look so depressed, did he get molested on the train on the way
    there or something?

  24. By: Littlemisshavoc Posted: October 9, 2014

    CR7’s English has definitely regressed.

  25. By: ilovencisladens Posted: October 9, 2014

    ahahah that’s so awkward!! They idolize him there it’s like he’s a god!

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