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  1. By: xRazeDzn Posted: June 9, 2012

    What else could entertain her for hours?

  2. By: HLmilkcarton Posted: June 9, 2012


  3. By: FireOfShadows Posted: June 10, 2012

    In america (actually in the english language) you dont pronounce -ike like -ikey… Nike is the same. It’s an english word, it wasn’t invented by your pal George Something and it’s not just because you pronounce it like Nikey that it is pronounced Nikey. I think our american friends know how to say Nike better (at least better then you) sinceit’s the name of an american company…

  4. By: LMoran93 Posted: June 10, 2012

    Lol, all you’re doing is looking things up on Wikipedia. Your argument doesn’t make any sense, the word Nike is pronounced the way it’s spelled. There’s no irregularities to it, unlike your boyfriend George Bernard Shaw’s word ‘ghoti’. It’s pronounced the same way every other word with -ike in it is spelled. There’s no -y at the end. Find me something on the interweb which proves that Nike is pronounced ‘Nikey’ and I’ll admit I’m wrong, but as far as this argument is concerned, you’re wrong

  5. By: HLmilkcarton Posted: June 10, 2012

    Listen here, the word ghoti was not coined by me. Go look it up before you challenge it. are you too fucking stupid to search it? George Bernard Shaw was the one who came up with it, so go ahead if you want to challenge an accomplished man’s work. Who are you again? ohyea, a nobody. Also your complete lack of understanding further proves your stupidity.

  6. By: LMoran93 Posted: June 10, 2012

    But your ghoti word doesn’t even make sense. For instance the word dough isn’t pronounced the same way as rough, it’s pronounced dow. Women is pronounced like wimin because of the e after the m, t is only pronounced softly when followed by -ion, not just i. Your point about ghoti makes literally no sense, if you pronounced it the way it’s spelled, the it would be pronounced the way it’s spelled, not fish

  7. By: wassup344 Posted: June 10, 2012

    you mean for ronaldo?  lol

  8. By: n00bsa1bot Posted: June 10, 2012

    embarassing tutorial, no wonder guy showing it hides his face

  9. By: HLmilkcarton Posted: June 10, 2012

    Just because it looks like many others doesn’t mean it’s the same. You and I are both humans yet there are many examples of humans that exceed our capabilities be it physically or mentally. To name a few : Usain Bolt, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton.
    Source: The world.
    Besides, you didn’t understand my point, please read ffs. You don’t pronounce a word by how it looks. ghoti was just an example to prove my point.

  10. By: LMoran93 Posted: June 10, 2012

    But literally none of those words relate to the word Nike? It’s pronounced the same way as any other words with -ike in them. Bike, trike, like, spike, the list goes on…
    Source : The World

  11. By: hieveryoneaz Posted: June 10, 2012

    U cant copy cr7

  12. By: hieveryoneaz Posted: June 10, 2012

    Dribble is simple thats why its not cool

  13. By: hflink07 Posted: June 10, 2012

    you can’t never dribble like messi. that’s why there’s no tutorials how to dribble like messi

  14. By: HLmilkcarton Posted: June 10, 2012

    It’s their company they decide how it’s pronounced and they have mentioned its pronounced ny-key, go look it up. In this day and age where everything on the internet is so easily believed I am what people would call a form of “checking” to ensure that dumbfucks like you don’t believe nonsensical shit. I copied it off to prove my point that words that look alike don’t necessarily sound alike in order to prove that the previous guy was full of fuckshit. Wikipedia isn’t an online dictionary dimwit.

  15. By: agriculturaltrading Posted: June 10, 2012

    Good video, but i’m waiting for “Ronaldo: how to fall down, whine and make pointless cross-overs”

  16. By: Genstafa Posted: June 10, 2012

    Wow. I want nothing to do with you, and I also have nothing to do with you, but I just had to comment.
    You’re acting like a total idiot.
    You can NOT compare actual english words with company brands.
    Seriously, it’s not up to anybody to decide how it is pronounced.
    Why the fuck did you care to comment her pronouncing it right and then actually copying all that off of an online dictionary?

  17. By: HLmilkcarton Posted: June 10, 2012

    lol you’re a bunch of fucking stupid americans. If you base how the words are pronounced by how they look GHOTI would be pronounced as fish.
    gh, pronounced /f/ as in tough /tʌf/;
    o, pronounced /ɪ/ as in women /ˈwɪmɪn/; and
    ti, pronounced /ʃ/ as in nation /ˈne͡ɪʃən/.
    source : wikipedia.

  18. By: mintialy12 Posted: June 10, 2012

    Is there fukuyama in the picture? Just kidding*Because of this is Ronald’s coner.

  19. By: nwiley619 Posted: June 10, 2012

    Falcaaoo not falco

  20. By: SharpShot912 Posted: June 10, 2012


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  22. By: AynsleyFIFA Posted: June 10, 2012

    jackattack sent mee

  23. By: CasehDeal Posted: June 10, 2012

    hahahaha nice

  24. By: LMoran93 Posted: June 10, 2012

    It’s pronounced the way it’s spelled you retard, she’s saying it right. How do you pronounce the word bike? By-key? I didn’t think so

  25. By: taylor foulks Posted: June 10, 2012

    im goin be like him one day cause i play travel soccer 🙂

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