The Real Madrid defender Raul Albiol has said that he does not want to give too much attention to the spat between Cristiano Ronaldo and the manager José Mourinho. The club recently admitted that the pair had a spat, which has once again raised questions about the authority of the manager at the club. It is believed that Mourinho criticised Cristiano Ronaldo for poor performance, which led to the retaliation from the player. Albiol, though, has said that because both the individuals are winners there are likely to be some disagreements, which should not be focused too much.

It is believed that the disagreement between the two parties came in the second half during the 2-0 victory over Real Sociedad. Real Madrid have been extremely poor in the league this season. Mourinho has had to deal with a lot of issues, but has failed to unite his team. They have fallen 18 points behind the leaders Barcelona in the table. The Champions league remains the only major trophy that the club can fight for now. It has led to reports that Mourinho will be leaving the club at the end of the season. This is not the first time Mourinho has clashed with the big egos at Madrid. He recently had a disagreement with the captain Iker Casillas.

“After the matches the boss can have an opinion and tell a player. In this case they are two winners like Mourinho and Cristiano who are ambitious and demand a lot of themselves. They had an exchange of opinions but nothing more. It will not affect the team nor our performance,” said the Real Madrid defender Raul Albiol. The club have the opportunity to reduce the gap between them and Barcelona to 15 points after the Catalan club lost against Real Sociedad during the weekend.