Ronaldo And His Role In Euro 2016

With the euro 2016 being on the way, much focus is on Ronaldo and how he is able to help his team perform.

However, his coach is confident that Ronaldo can take the pressure and he is stated to be in good form this year. Fernando Santos is the current coach for Portugal and he is confident that Ronaldo will be able to perform well, unburdened with the pressure and expectations that lie on his shoulders to take his team forward in euro 2016. The quarter finals are approaching and Portugal would be facing Poland in this game.

The tournament has till now had mixed results for the team. The 31 year old player has been a pivotal figure in the tournament. However, the pressure is great to win which might be a difficult feat to achieve in an international tournament of this level. Ronaldo has had mixed results in euro cup down the years. For instance, he has been part of Portugal when the team has lost out to Greece in the finals in 2004. This year the team was saved from being defeated in the group rounds by the two goals that he scored against Hungary.

He has scored in many finals in the European championship tournaments, but as we all know, football is a team effort and if other players do not contribute in similar ways, it is difficult for one player to perform all the time. There might be several criticisms about his performance, but that is also because the expectations for him are much more than from other players which is unfair to a certain extent. That might be the root of all criticisms going wrong for this player who has performed with excellent levels in club levels and continues to contribute in a major way.