Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly wants a few players out of Real Madrid

According to recent rumors that have been surfacing, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo has advised his club to offload some of the players which in his opinion have not been performing at a high level and that the Spanish club should just sell them.

Theseplayers are: Marco Asensio, Lucas Vasquez and Alvaro Morata.

There are a few other players who are rumored to have an unhealthy relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and this might lead them to seeing the exit of the Santiago Bernabeu by the end of the season.

Isco and KarimBenzema are the high-profile players that according to recent reports and rumors, they do not have a stable affiliation with the Portuguese star.

For the past few weeks, the future of Isco has been put into question as the Spanish player has been rumored to be in the radar of clubs such as: Manchester City, Chelsea and even Barcelona.

There are also reports of him trying to have his contract extended with Real Madrid but if Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed building such a negative relationship with him, it might be better off for him to make his way out of the Santiago Bernabeu and joined a club where he can play a much more important role.

This does seem extremely hard to believe that C.Ronaldo is having a bad time with so many players, especially with players that he has been playing alongside with for over 5 years which is the case of Benzema as the Frenchman joined Real Madrid on 2009, the same year that C.Ronaldo also joined.

After performing alongside KarimBenzema for 8 years, Cristiano Ronaldo just suddenly wants to see his teammate leave the club? It’s something very difficult to believe, however, anything can happen in the world of football and time will tell on whether or not those previously mentioned players do indeed decide to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season or if they continue performing along with C.Ronaldo for the years to come.