Zidane talked to Ronaldo

It is reported that Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has talked with Cristiano Ronaldo about his decision to leave Real Madrid.

The French coach has tried to convince the Portuguese international not to leave the Spanish club during the transfer window.

Zidane apparently told Ronaldo that he is an important member of the team and that he is looking to build the team around him. He told him that he stayed in Madrid the team could go on and win more trophies.

Zinedine Zidane admitted that Cristiano Ronaldo is an important member of the team not only when he is on the pitch and also in the dressing room. He said that the forward has a positive influence on all the other players and that he is an instrumental member of the team.

The French coach said that Ronaldo is a player that will be impossible to replace and that he will like to keep him at Real Madrid for as long as he can.

It is believed that Zinedine Zidane will remain in contact with the player during the summer and will try to persuade him to change his decision.

Ronaldo has stated that he wants to leave Real Madrid because of various reasons. First of all, he believes that the tax office is persecuting him and that this is causing him significant stress. He also feels that the media is putting unnecessary pressure on him and that he has no freedom like before.

The Portuguese forward also believes that his club has not been offering support during this difficult time and that he feels that the fans are not behind him anymore.

In these circumstances, he feels that a move away from the club might be the best decision for both the club and him.