Despite having players up to the caliber of Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus are on the look out to add quality reinforcement to their current side.

Brescia teenage sensation Sandro Tonali is the one currently under their rather and between now and the summer, it is left for his current team to come up with a way to spend and manage the money they are going to receive for his transfer fee because whether they like it or not, he is a hot chick who is too good to be locked down in an unrewarding marital life.
The 19-year-old was a major factor that helped Pep Guardiola’s last team as a professional footballer qualify for Italy’s top-flight division football league. It is almost certain judging from tradition that any player brilliant enough to help a team ascend from the poor man’s division of Italian football into the bigger league is almost always scooped right away by the usual suspects.

Marco Verrati is one player that comes to mind.

In Tonali’s case, Brescia are open to submitting to the harsh realities of professional soccer but that hasn’t stopped them from insisting that their best kept secret stays put till the summer as opposed to Juve’s intention to scoop him up this January if possible.

The young man helped Brescia back into the Serie A, he might as well at least for old time’s sake help keep them there for a season before leaving for greener pastures.

Other teams are said to have indicated interest. Apart from the likes of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, no other team out there has what it takes to convince Tonali to join. Even without offering him much money in terms of pay packages, the prospect of training and playing alongside a legend like Cristiano Ronaldo is often times, more than enough.