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Ronaldo Recieved Red Card just after most famous Football award

The star of Real Madrid and the player who was recently awarded with the 2014 Ballon d’Or has been handed a 2 game suspension after the Portuguese received a direct red card during Real Madrid’s 2-1 La Liga victory over Cordoba.

At the 82nd minute of the league match, Cristiano Ronaldo started to get frustrated as he failed on making an impact in the game and at this point, the scoreboard was displaying 1-1 which is something that the players of Real Madrid did not want to see as a triumph was the only option if they wanted to maintain their advantage of points in the Spanish League over their rivals Barcelona. Continue reading

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Xabi Alonso helped Bayern Munich to lift many Trophies

It’s been less than 5 months since Xabi Alonso joined Bayern Munich as the Spanish midfielder left Real Madrid, the club where he spent over 5 seasons with and where the veteran player was able on lifting a number of major trophies.

Even though it’s been such a short period since Xabi Alonso entered a new club, he has already made a huge impact and the experienced player stated that Manuel Neuer and Cristiano Ronaldo have or at least should have a fair chance on winning the 2014 Ballon d’Or as Xabi Alonso praised both players.

“A while back I said it would be fair if Neuer or any other German player won the Ballon d’Or. They won the World Cup. However I also think it would be fair if Cristiano Ronaldo won it. He had an outstanding season and won the Champions League. Ronaldo is the best footballer I’ve ever played with”. Alonso told reporters as he displayed his support towards Neuer and C.Ronaldo.

Lionel Messi and C.Ronaldo are the favorites on winning the 2014 Ballond’Or but Xabi Alonso believes that Manuel Neuer deserves to be in the same level as the Spanish midfielder explained that Neuer has also been going through a superb season.

C.Ronaldo reached a new milestone in his career as he tied with Raul in the history books of the Champions League as both players have managed to score 71 goals in the European tournament and are now chasing Lionel Messi who recently turned into the top goal-scorer in the history of the Champions League after the Argentine forward netted his 74th goal in the European competition.
A solo goal from C.Ronaldo ensured Real Madrid that they received all 3 points after playing in their latest Champions League match which was played against Basel as Real Madrid continue undefeated in their group and are one of the favorites on winning the entire tournament of this season and a large part of why they are considered to be the best club in Europe is due to the outstanding form of Cristiano Ronaldo as the Portuguese star just continues scoring goals in every competition that he is competing in.

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Ronaldo Affirms Lack Of Relationship Beyond Rivalry With Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for the past few years have endured a rivalry that has seen both players competing against each other to win awards and help their respective clubs on securing some of the major trophies in Europe.
It has recently seemed like the Portuguese attacker of Real Madrid; Cristiano Ronaldo has taken the edge as he was named as the best player of the previous season after his amazing run in the Champions League where he managed to score 17 goals which helped Real Madrid on securing the prestigious European title. In August, the former Manchester United player was awarded with the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award as he was voted as the best performer of the previous campaign out of a shortlist of players that included: Diego Costa, Di Maria, Philipp Lahm, Thomas Mueller, Manuel Neuer, Arjen Robben, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi.
There have been a series of rumors claiming that C.Ronaldo and Messi have an unhealthy relationship but C.Ronaldo reacted quickly to those rumors as he told the media that his rivalry with the Argentinean footballer is part of his life but that does not necessary mean that Messi is his enemy outside of the pitch in any way.
Cristiano Ronaldo told reporters: “It’s not at all true that we have a bad relationship. We are colleagues and have a professional relationship. We don’t have a relationship outside of football like I have with some other players. He tries to do his best for his club and national team and I do the same. There is a certain rivalry where we are each doing our utmost for our teams. This rivalry is part of my life. It is only normal that people compare us. The same happens in Formula 1 with Ferrari and Mercedes. I’m used to it. I hope that we can both laugh about all this. Football is a game, it’s something fun and something we both like’’